Adding a new website

Install ProjectHuddle on your own site or your agency's WordPress site. Collect feedback on any number of websites. Your website is the hub for all other website projects you add. 

When you install the ProjectHuddle plugin to your site it will automatically add that website as a project. To view, visit  ProjectHuddle > Websites in the WordPress Admin sidebar.  You can also add client websites or other web projects from your main site - so they can easily be managed in one place. Check out Adding Additional Websites to learn how to add other web projects.

Adding Additional Websites

Using your website as a hub for all web projects makes it easier to manage feedback, assign tasks to team members, and also approve those tasks. 

Visit ProjectHuddle > New Website

To add additional website projects, such as a client's website visit ProjectHuddle > New Website from your WordPress Admin sidebar.

Enter a Title 

Enter the title of your website and paste the URL under Website Setup.

Paste the Script Before the Body Tag

Click next and you will be prompted with some script that you'll need to copy and paste directly before the closing body tag of the website. Usually found in the footer file, although not always. 


If you're connecting another WordPress site, you can use the Header and Footer Scripts Plugin to make this easier!

Verify Install

After you've added that code before the closing body tag, click "Verify Installation" to make sure you've correctly added the website. 

Visit the Site

ProjectHuddle will now be installed on the website you entered. Your clients or team can begin live commenting by visiting the site. 

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